Legacy Giving

History shows us that most wealth, even great wealth, does not survive past three generations. The most precious gift you can give your children is that of your values, which will carry on for many generations to come.

Gifts you make to help others say a lot about the life you live…

Many of our donors receive great joy from making a gift to improve the health and wellbeing of family, friends and neighbors here in Southeast Texas. Your gifts to the Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation make a difference every day. We appreciate your consideration and support as you examine the way that a gift to support others may fit with your overall planning.

Philanthropy is Personal

You have many options when you are planning a legacy. At Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation, our goal is to match your desires with options that carry your values and fit with your own financial and familial situation. The information below are a few options to support the health of your fellow Southeast Texans.

The Foundation does not offer financial or legal advice. To design a gift that works best with your philanthropic wishes and benefits the people you care about, we recommend that you obtain professional counsel from an attorney and/or financial advisor who specializes in estate planning.

A few tips about speaking to them

  • Always begin with the needs of you and your family or other heirs
  • Explore how to make the greatest impact with assets while protecting your family assets
  • Explore tax advantages

Helpful Information for Your Advisor

Foundation’s Legal name:
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation
3070 College Street, Ste. 401, Beaumont, TX 77701
EIN # 61-1557670

Sample Specific bequest language:

“I give to the Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation EIN # 61-1557670 [specific dollar amount] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

Sample Residual bequest language:

“I give to the Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation EIN # 61-1557670 [ % ] of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

Please contact us for more information or to inform us of any planned gift.
Kimberly Moncla, Executive Director
(409) 212-6110

There are so many ways to give. One of these may be right for you!

Gift in Your Will: This is one of the most simple and common ways to leave a gift to charity. If you already have a will, you can include or update a bequest to Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation through a simple codicil, without the need for executing a new will. A codicil is an amendment or addition to your will. It is commonly used to add bequests to those already included in your will. Speak with your attorney regarding any change to your will or estate documents.

Gifts of Life Insurance: Do you have a life insurance policy that you purchased to protect your children who are now grown? Often these policies have cash value and make excellent charitable gifts. You may also consider naming Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation as a contingent or back-up beneficiary, should your primary beneficiary predecease you. All you need to do is request a “change of beneficiary” form from your insurance company. Is your insurance policy paid up? You may qualify for an income tax charitable deduction. Check with your tax advisor.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual funds: A gift of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds can be a meaningful, simple way to make a significant difference for Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation patients. 

Gifts of Retirement Account Assets such as IRAs: Retirement account assets left to loved ones may be subject to higher taxation than other types of assets. By making Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation a beneficiary, in full or in part, you may reduce taxes that otherwise would be passed to your loved ones. Adding a charity as a beneficiary is usually as simple as completing a form provided by the account custodian.

Gift of Real Property including Real Estate, Art, Jewels, Collectables. All gifts of nonmonetary assets will be reviewed by the Foundation Board before acceptance to determine if the gift will further the mission of the Foundation.